Group Business

  • Cobalt

    產品應用:動力電池材料 硫酸鈷主要用于生產三元前驅體。...

  • Lithium

    產品應用:動力電池材料 無色單斜晶系結晶體或白色粉末。密度2.11g/cm3。熔點723℃(1.013*10^5Pa)。溶于稀酸。微溶于水,在冷水中溶解度較熱水下大。不溶于醇及丙酮??捎糜谥铺沾?、藥物、催化劑等。常用的鋰離子電池原料。...

  • Nickel

    產品應用:動力電池材料 硫酸鎳主要用于制備三元前驅體和電鍍行業。...

  • Cathode Material

    Uses: The ternary precursor material is mainly used for energy storage devices of various new energy vehicles, lithium batteries bicycles, notebook computers, digital cameras, drones, robots, solar energy, wind energy, etc., as well as communication equi...

  • Copper

    Uses: Conductivity: Can be used as a wire, circuit board. Extensibility and elasticity: used to manufacture copper winding timepiece, the spring. Thermal conductivity: Copper can be used as a device for cooling the CPU and a heat pipe for the compresso...

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